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New Celebrity Reflection to offer five Signatures Suites of 441-square-feet with floor to ceiling windows

Set to sail in the fall of 2012, Celebrity Cruises fifth member of the Solstice class, Celebrity Reflection, will offer a two-bedroom suite for the first time. Located in a private area of the ship’s 14th deck, Celebrity Reflection’s five Signature Suites each offer a 441-square-foot stateroom area and 118-square foot veranda, with floor-to-ceiling windows and veranda doors, all designed to maximize the views of the sea. Celebrity’s Signature Suites each can accommodate up to four guests, and will offer the 24/7 butler service.
The entire area – including the new Reflection Suite – features cardkey access exclusively for guests booked in the elite group of suites, such that a family or group of up to 26 guests traveling together can enjoy a private, six-suite modern luxury vacation experience.


5 star Fiji on sale – 10 days

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji is Denarau Island’s newest 5 star luxury beachfront Resort. Offering a myriad of resort facilities nestled around lagoon swimming pools and lush tropical gardens combined with warm genuine Fijian hospitality makes Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island is the perfect choice for pure relaxation, a family getaway or your next event. Your vacation,starting from just $1899 includes:
Radisson Blu Resort Fiji is Denarau Island’s newest 5 star luxury beachfront Resort

*Round Trip Air Pacific airfare Air Pacific – Vancouver/Nadi/Vancouver,

*Meet and Greet upon arrival & all transfers *10 nts Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island– includes 1 FREE night, FREE buffet breakfast daily

Prices are a per person based on double occupancy for travel to 31 Mar 2012 in economy class on Air Pacific. Not valid for travel 15 Dec 11 – 15 Jan 12, must be booked by 31 Dec 11.

Christmas at the Disneyland Resort

One of this season’s highlights is ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle’ and the three part show which takes place each day.
This park icon is covered in freshly fallen ‘snow.’ The sparkling towers and turrets are a great backdrop for photos during the day and at night, the Disney magic begins.
Twilight brings the start of ‘When you Wish’. You’ll hear the wind blowing  and hear a little child wishing for snow. The mother responds with ‘in order for your wishes to come true, you must believe.’ With that, snow flurries fill the air and the castle begins to glisten.
Later in the evening is the “Believe…in Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular.” As the child again wishes for snow, magic and icicles, the snow falls again and Sleeping Beauty Castle becomes more illuminated. The grand finale follows the “When you Believe” fireworks. As ‘White Christmas’ is performed, icicles appear on the castle as snow falls on Main Street, New Orlean’s Square, small world mall and the snow on the castle becomes a jewel like display.
Other favorite traditions are back at Disneyland  Park. There’s the 60 foot Christmas Tree located in Town Square and the streets are trimmed with garland and wreaths with special events throughout the parks. Children will love decorating cookies on  Main Street and New Orleans Square . The cast of Characters are ready for Christmas and are sure to bring holiday cheer.

Believe….In   Holiday Magic Fireworks   Spectacular        During the Holidays, Disneyland’s   spectacular Holiday Fireworks show ends with a White Christmas as snow start to fall on Main Street U.S.A, New Orleans Square and it’s a small world.

Splendour of the Seas getting iPads in all staterooms

Royal Caribbean International will mark another industry first with the introduction of iPad mobile digital devices in every stateroom onboard the newly revitalized Splendour of the Seas. The device will give guests an additional medium by which to receive, retrieve and use information on their cruise vacation. With a touch of the screen, guests will be able to access the daily Cruise Compass of events and activities; personal daily itineraries, including shore excursions; monitor their onboard account; order room service; view restaurant menus; access the Internet; and watch movies.

The iPads will be available beginning mid-February 2012 on Splendour of the Seas before being extended to all Vision-class ships when each undergoes revitalization in the following two years. In addition to the iPads, Splendour of the Seas, which recently emerged from dry dock, also boasts an array of new stateroom amenities such as flat screen televisions, new bathrooms and completely remodelled interiors. The newly revitalized Splendour will also debut new dining options including the Asian Izumi restaurant; the line’s signature steakhouse, Chops Grille; the Boardwalk Dog House hotdog counter; the Park Café deli-style restaurant; and the exclusive Chef’s Table dining experience.

Source: Travelpress

Travel Tips for Women

Travel Tips Safety Travel Tips for Women

It is tough to be a woman traveling alone. Not only do you have to deal with the usual hassle that a tourist has to face, like getting around the place, getting over the language barrier and all that, but women traveling are also vulnerable to being on the receiving end of unwanted attention, especially if she is traveling alone. This is particularly true in countries where women do not enjoy as much freedom as women in, say, the United States do. Safety is a special concern for a woman traveling alone. A lot of enterprising people find a woman traveling alone to be an easy target for whatever heinous heist they may have in mind, so it is very important for her to take care of herself. The first thing that a woman traveling alone should do is to secure her lodgings. As much as possible, her lodgings should be something she should not cut corners with. She should check in a reputable place and make sure that her room is not on the first floor, where many people come and go all too easily. Another precaution that a woman traveling alone ought to take is to keep her room number to herself. Keeping her hotel room door locked at all times is also logical. She should never let anyone inside her hotel room without first identifying who that person is. When she is ordering room service, she should ask room service to call her when the waiter is coming up to her room with her order. While the waiter is laying out her food on the table, she should stay by the door. Whenever she eats at one of the restaurants at the hotel she is staying in, a woman traveling alone should sign her bills with her initials instead of her full name. After signing these bills, she should give them directly to the server and should take care that no one else sees them. Whenever a stranger approaches her, she should feel free to say that she is busy and does not feel up to entertaining casual conversation with people she does not know. But if she feels inclined to it, she should be careful of the things she says to the person she is talking to. Never at any time should she reveal her itinerary for her trip. Also, a little white lie can also keep her safe. If she is going out, a woman traveling alone should leave a note at the reception, notifying the hotel of her destination and the time she left. She should also check in regularly with someone at home. When she is going about the hotel, she should steer clear of the stairs and instead use the elevator; in this case, safety comes first before burning calories. Upon returning to the hotel after going out, she should not hesitate to ask the concierge to escort her to her room if she thinks she is being followed or spied upon. Most of all, a woman traveling alone should wear sedate outfits and do her best to blend in. She should leave her provocative clothes at home, and she should not stash her cash and valuables in one place alone. These safety precautions may seem paranoid, but it is better to be safe than sorry. A woman should have fun and peace of mind during her trip, even when she is traveling alone.

Source:  GSA publishing

Transit of Venus

On June 5, 2012 (June 6 for those west of the International Date Line), a rare astronomical event will occur: the Transit of Venus. The event will last six hours and will not occur again until 2117. This is your last chance to see one!
Because you can actually see a planet move across the disk of the sun, transits provide a unique opportunity to watch the solar system in motion. For a Transit of Venus to take place, the planet Venus must be located in line with both the Earth and the sun. This positioning doesn’t happen very often due to the track of Venus’ orbit.
A telescope is necessary to even notice a transit, so the Transit of Venus was not observed until 1639. Since that time there have been only five Transits of Venus. The most recent was in 2004 and, before that, over a century ago, in 1882. There were no transits during the 20th century.
Two early transits (1761 and 1769) were used by astronomers to calculate the distance to the sun. Observers were dispatched to all corners of the Earth to record the time when Venus first appeared against the solar surface and when it departed. These numbers were “crunched” (by hand) to come up with a relatively good value for our distance to the sun.
During the 1769 transit, the enigmatic Captain Cook led one of the more famous expeditions, on the ship Endeavour to Tahiti. This was Captain Cook’s first of three voyages into the Pacific Ocean, and the observation of the Transit of Venus was just one of the achievements of his explorations.
Now, if you embark on the June 2, 2012, sailing to Tahiti & the Society Islands, you will have the opportunity to recreate Captain Cook’s experience, aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin. On June 5, 2012, The Gauguin will be at anchor off the island of Bora Bora. Safe solar viewing tools will be available under the direction of an onboard solar expert. Take a look through the solar telescope, then wait a few minutes before looking again. Venus will have moved. You will have seen Venus pass Earth against the backdrop of the sun. It is an exhilarating experience!
–         Approximately 12:12-12:30 p.m.: Venus moves inside the solar disk.
–         5:38: Sun sets on Bora Bora.
–         Approximately 6:24-6:43 p.m.: The Transit of Venus ends.
Venus will be visible against the surface of the sun all afternoon, barring clouds or other weather-related impediments.

Ticino – Switzerland’s palm tree region!

Located south of the Alps, in the Ticino region people speak Italian. The climate is mild and the best time to visit is between March and November.  Ticino offers both Mediterranean charm and lifestyle, with its food and architecture, and on the other hand, Swiss quality and precision.  Visitors can admire a great diveristy, from  Palm trees and lakes to mountains and glaciers!